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[Samantha] created a safe space and treated me with so much respect and radical non-judgment. Because I trust [her], I have started to trust myself a bit more. [She forced] me (very gently) to shine a light on some painful parts of myself but have encouraged me not to be afraid of them but at least curious. This recognition of all parts of myself as valuable and worthy of love (in theory) has at least at this point shown me that there is a different way to think and a different way to approach how life is lived.



It was so helpful to voice all my meandering career ideas out loud without judgment! Your empathy and understanding of where I was in the process of getting out of my head meant a lot. Through our discussions, I was able to identify the things I liked to do professionally and what I needed out of my next career move.



[Throughout coaching we] dug deeper into a personal challenge and were able to hone in on where it lived in my body, which then became really helpful when I was in that situation again - I feel like I've developed more confidence in this area and understanding about what's going on in my physical body vs. just being trapped in my thoughts.


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