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After experiencing my own healing journey in my late 20s I knew I wanted to help other women like me break the patterns and limiting beliefs holding them back. 

After almost a decade in varying roles from HR Business Partner to Recruiting to Learning and Development, I left my corporate career in 2021 to open up the doors to Lighthaus Coaching.


I was ready to take my experience and channel it into helping other women release their fears, discover their desires, and step into the lives they want for themselves.


In addition to my corporate experience, I'm a certified life coach and Energetic Breakthrough Practitioner©, a 200hr registered yoga teacher, and an apprentice in modern-day shamanic principles. 


I bring a unique blend of traditional coaching, energy work,  and yogic principles to my practice to help women get clear on their dreams and take aligned action to make those dreams into reality.

my story

For the majority of my life, I considered myself to be different. I never felt like I fit in, even with my family. I felt like "the black sheep" among my parents & 3 sisters who all have careers as healthcare providers. Well before I started school and my professional career I had already formed these stories that kept me separate. I believed I was always the one getting into trouble, I was too much of a dreamer, I was too unfocused, I was too loud, I was too silly, I was too sensitive. I never felt like I could relate to anyone else and it felt like I was the only one in the world experiencing this issue. 


At the same time, I was terrified of being seen as an "outsider". I constantly overfilled my schedule with social activities and surrounded myself with people so I never had to experience loneliness. I was painfully aware of the fact that it felt like I was always acting around others and silencing my own thoughts, desires, & intuition in order to be liked. In fact, the thought of any person not liking me could make me physically sick. 


I started developing a fear of being myself and rejecting my intuition, my creativity, and my unique gifts. I was terrified to let people see the real me because people may not like me and ultimately could leave me, which meant being alone. I always felt like the "odd" one, which I took to mean that meant there was something wrong with me.

Through this work, you learn to lead yourself back home and to shine your light on others who are lost just like a lighthouse.

VACATION (2).png
VACATION (2).png

I tried to focus all my energy on doing the "right" things even when they felt forced and unfulfilling. I put school and my career first, excelled at a fancy corporate job that took me all over the country and was making my way as a leader in my field. 


While it may have looked like I had my shit together on the outside I was a mess on the inside. I based my value on my productivity, filling every second of my free time, and I constantly compared myself to others. I was always anxious and wondering why it seemed like everyone else was able to get what I wanted but me.​​ 


Finally I'd had enough and decided to commit to myself by investing in a coach. She created a safe space to help me challenge my thought patterns and take action to change my limiting beliefs. Even after our work together I continued to work on breaking those invisible chains that had been dictating my life for as long as I can remember.


Since that time I knew I wanted to help other women break that same cycle and create the life they've dreamed of. I've continued to coach myself and a number of other women to wake up to the potential of themselves and shift from victims of circumstance to co-creator with the universe. 


a few of my favorite things

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Ready for what's next?

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