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Wait, What's a Life Coach?

Let's demystify the term life coaching.

When I tell people that I'm a life coach I often get follow up questions and sometimes even a skeptical look.

"What does a life coach do?... How does that differ from therapy?... Are you telling people what to do?" These are just some of the questions I get back.

While the coaching industry has grown exponentially in the last 5 years there are still a lot of misconceptions about what a coach is (and isn't). I thought I'd use this platform to explain what a coach does from my perspective.

As a coach I provide guidance, support and accountability to my clients as they set goals, work through challenges or feelings of "stuck-ness" and develop a greater awareness of their thoughts and emotions.

I create a safe space for them to explore their biggest dreams and aspirations for their future, discover their "why," and take manageable actions that lead to big movement.

And I do this while lovingly challenging them to address what's held them back in the past.

Throughout this partnership I hold the intention of the highest good for my client and support them in releasing any blocks or fears getting in their way.

Coaching vs. Therapy

While emotions are 100% allowed (and welcomed!), life coaching is not equivalent to therapy.

There are a lot of similar characteristics between therapy and coaching like, active listening & reflection, recognizing problematic behaviors, and releasing fears & blocks. However, these are different relationships that solve for different issues.

In a coaching relationship we focus on creating self awareness as a way to optimize your approach & results for the future. We discuss blocks, fears, & emotions as a way to create results with more ease rather than to heal or understand the past.

Therapy takes a more retrospective approach to help people emotionally heal past events and memories.

A therapist is a board certified professional with the ability to treat and diagnose patients who may or may not be experiencing mental health issues.

One hand, you could say that therapy helps clients who might not be functioning at their best to get back to their baseline. On the other hand, coaching is useful when you are already at that baseline and you want to upgrade or enhance your life circumstances.

Coaching focuses on exploring what's possible for the future and helping you to get there more efficiently.

While I have so much respect for all of our mental healthcare providers out there, I'm not a clinical psychotherapist and never claim to be one.

Coaching vs. Consulting

In addition, coaches aren't consultants and our job is not to tell you what to do.

We are all unique individuals with different needs, desires and dreams. There is no one best way to live life and therefore, YOU are the best person to make decisions and take action for the life you want to live.

I'm here to listen and reflect what I hear to help you recognize what's right for you, not anyone else.

In my practice I support people through their own journey of self discovery and mastery as they learn to gain self awareness, shift unhelpful patterns and craft the future they want for themselves.

If this type of support sounds like something you are looking for I'd love to be there for you. You can learn more by booking a quick introduction call with me or reach out to me @

With gratitude,


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