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Harnessing the Energy of the Lions Gate Portal

Today, 8.8.22, marks the peak of the "Lions Gate Portal," a time of great significance in cosmology, astrology and numerology. During this time we are said to have a greater ability to manifest, harness our creative powers and initiate massive transformations in our lives.

In Egyptian Cosmology 8.8.22 represents an alignment of the Earth, the fixed star of Sirius and the constellation of Orion. The Ancient Egyptians tracked the position of Sirius and documented it's alignment with Orion and the Pyramids of Giza during the late summer season.

This alignment is significant astrologically in that the fixed Star Sirius is related to abundance and creativity and also the sister star to the Sun. It is even called the spiritual sun of the Earth's sun! The Lions Gate Portal occurs during Leo Season in which the energy of the Sun is at an all time high. Furthermore, the Sun is the natural leader of the Leo in the Zodiac chart and the pairing enhances our manifestation practices by adding the extra element of fire behind our thoughts, desires and wishes making them all the more powerful.

And finally, this date is significant in that it holds the number 88 (and this year the Master Number 22) which in numerology represents infinite possibility and magic. (Just think of an 8 laid on its side and you notice it looks like the infinity symbol.) Today's date also contains the Master Number 22 which signifies the ability to bring together the spiritual and material to make meaningful change which will benefit the greater good.

Across these different areas of study we can see the Lions Gate Portal has multiple layers of importance and the vitality of this portal is at it's highest vibration today! So, now that you know how can you capitalize on what the energy of today has to offer? Read on for some suggestions.

Lions Gate Rituals:

Journal: Consider what you are ready to release, what no longer serves you and what you want to call forward. Get really detailed on what you want to bring forth from the depths of your desires.

Fire Ceremony: I've written about this before, but if there was ever a day to do it it's today! Consider 3 things your ready to release & 3 things you want to call in - that you are dying to manifest in your life. Write them each on separate pieces of paper. Hold each piece of paper with what you are ready to release up to your heart and whisper to yourself " I am ready to release you with love" before you (carefully & safely!) set it on fire and allow the flames to transmute the energy of your intentions. Then take each piece of paper with manifestations you want to call in and hold them to your heart while you say to yourself "this or something even better" and once again light each piece on fire allowing the flames to send your wishes out into the universe. Journal on your experience and any inspiration that comes up as you clear space and invite in the new.

Meditate: Find stillness with the intention of clearing negativity and being open to what comes. This is a big rush of energy and you may find yourself getting distracted or even sleepy during your meditations. Allow what ever comes up to surface, but commit to releasing thoughts during this time and you can even focus on your breath to reduce the noise in your mind.

Sun Yourself: Sit outside to harness the power of the sun physically. Allow the rays to hit your body and charge you with it's energy and prepare you to take action towards your goals.

Once you've finished any or all of the rituals consider your requests heard and repeat to yourself "it is done". Trust that your asks are being answered and allow yourself to be inspired to take action as you hear guidance from your higher self and the divine powers of the universe.

So how will you honor your desire to create the life of your dreams on this potnet day and which of these exercises will you try?

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