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I'm Samantha

I help high-achieving women who are over the 24/7 grind tap into their intuition, find their voices, and go after what they really want with a sense of ease in order to live their most badass, abundant lives.

I'm a certified life coach, yoga teacher, and creator of Lighthaus Coaching.
After spending most of my life focused on fixing my external circumstances, I turned my attention inwards to heal my relationship with myself. In doing so, I woke up to the power of my intuition and changed my approach to life. From that day on I knew that I wanted to help other women do the same. 

For all the women feeling unsatisfied even though you think you're doing everything 'right'...

What if you could look back at your life and know you went after what you really wanted rather than settling for the life that was laid out for you?

What if you could trust yourself to go after what you wanted even in moments of challenge and uncertainty? 

Would you be prepared to quit satisfying others and begin doing what
fulfills you?

I help women to take the reins back and become the true leader of their lives.

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Every day you don't take action, you:

Are prioritizing the life you think others want for you over the life of your dreams. 

Are allowing yourself to sacrifice your own wants and needs in order to satisfy others and feeling frustrated when others don't do the same for you. 

Give up yet another evening to the Instagram scroll-hole, comparing your life and progress to everyone else. 

Are you ready to break the cycle? 

There is only one youIt's time to quit settling for a life lived to impress others and to finally craft a life that feels like a dream to you.

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